Safe Elephant Viewing

Elephants are the largest animal you will encounter on land, and like all wild animals they have the potential to be dangerous. They are wonderful animals to watch, but it is critical to exercise caution and common sense. 

We at ESAG have put together a short flier to help you behave appropriately when watching elephants. The flier gives information about their postures and gestures so you can learn to recognise the warning signals and know when to move off and leave the elephants alone, to avoid endangering yourselves and the animals.

Free copies of these fliers are now available at the tourist gates of major parks and reserves in South Africa.

To help us in our mission to promote safe, enjoyable elephant viewing which benefits both people and animals, we would like to hear your thoughts about this flier and your experiences viewing elephants.

Please take five minutes to complete this quick online survey. At the end of the survey, you can download a PDF version of the flier.

All the information we gather will help us better understand the interactions between people and elephants in our wild spaces.  Thank you for your help!

Begin the survey HERE

If you’d like more information about elephant behaviour and their signs and signals, see our new book ‘Understanding Elephants’, published by Struik Nature and available from book stores in SA and online.


Understanding Elephants


















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